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The sun rises, shining over the horizon sending bright rays into her eyes.

Cool crisp air brushes along her cheek as she breathes.

Her fingers move slowly from the cold as she tightens her laces.

She greets the road anticipating her journey – will it be a flat easy trek or one filled with hills and brief bursts of great effort?

The steps are small, cautious at first, then the stride gets more of a rhythm…tap tap tap tap….

Her heart beats faster, her lungs breathe deeper.

As her stride lengthens, her legs feel the solid impact of the road, softened from the cushioning in her shoes. She settles into her pace.

During the course, thoughts go in and out her mind as if meditating, or thinking about the mysteries of the world.

All sensations magnify; smells and sounds are amplified by the stillness making their presence known.

Miles pass by and the scenery continually changes, as the intensifying sunlight reveals more treasures in the landscape.

The journey eventually comes to it’s end….a warming covers her as she slows to stop; then to stretch.

A pleasing sensation takes over as one feels from a little getaway, and the body feels so relaxed.

Now she is ready to get on with her day, and perhaps think about her run tomorrow…


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