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Yes my friends, we have run here before… note the blog in late October,2018.

This run was great in many ways…..

Physiologically, due to temperatures, and humidity. 83 degrees and 83% humidity starting out! Upon returning it was 90 degrees, with a temperature index of 104 degrees. A great challenge indeed! After 4.5 miles we had to stop to drink and walk some before finishing ( runners hate to admit that!… but it was necessary!)

Scenically great, due to, well, we were on the ocean!!!! A zen like moment that is so beautiful, plus the rhythmic sound of the waves…it is mesmerizing. Just like the mountains can give you that “Rocky mountain high “, the ocean here felt like an ‘ocean utopia’🙏

Conveniently great, as this Seawall cement pathway is just across the street from the Marriott Courtyard where we stayed. So easy to access, and several miles in distance to enjoy!

Another great run, no matter the challenge! Everything about it was perfect!

Sharing smiles and many great miles!


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