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If ever in Boulder,CO, this trail is a real treat to explore……..

On the west end, the trail starts at highway 119 and Boulder Canyon Dr. It meanders along Boulder Creek where it passes through various urban parks. It runs through the southern edge of the city and the north edge of the University of Colorado. The trail continues north east approaching Valmont Rd, then turns south ending at Arapahoe Rd. In total it is 8.1 miles long. This trail was very easy to get to from the Millenium Harvest House Hotel, where we stayed.

Along the course of this cement path, which is wide enough to accommodate bicyclists, runners, etc., are several intersections with trails that lead to other destinations. These intersections have signs on them that tell you how far it is to each destination, such as a park, or the CU campus. Running along this path is a great way to do some sight seeing as you tour around the town. It is truly worthwhile to run on the path!

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