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This is a 9 mile trail that runs parallel to highway 24. One end is in Peyton, with a trail head just off of Bradshaw Rd, and runs all the way to a little park in Falcon off McLaughlin. It is a section of trail that it part of the Rock Island Rail Line. The other section is known as the Rock Island Trail. Note my blog on “ Rock Island Trail”.

This dirt path is fairly flat, and wide enough for two to run side by side. The scenery is phenomenal, offering views of the mountains, beautiful open fields, rustic looking farmsteads, and serene wetlands and ponds along the way. On this particular run , we saw an impressive bird of prey sitting nearby on a fence post.

For us, there is another perk to this area. Following our run, we often stop at the Sonic, Culvers, or the Swirly Cow for some ice cream or yogurt. It’s a perfect way to end our adventure run!!😁


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