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  I consider this a special edition, for the High Line Canal has a sentimental value to me. I grew up in Greenwood Village, CO, and throughout my childhood the canal was a significant playground where I hiked, walked home from school, road my horse, and of course ran on which I still do today. 

This beautiful trail begins in Waterton by the Chatfield State Park and meanders for ~ 70 miles north west to  48th and Picadilly.  It is primarily a dirt road that allows bicyclists, runners, walkers, and equestrians to enjoy the scenic views as one wanders through fields, parks, neighborhoods, etc.. Much of the trail has an actual canal that runs along side it, and is bordered by beautiful cottonwood trees, There  is a good book about it, ” High Line Canal”, by David Skari, that tells about the history of the canal, and describes each segment.

I have great memories of what I consider a beautiful trail park. I primarily ran on the section from The Goodson Center off University Blvd. to Belleview Ave.. However, I also explored several other segments, and appreciate the adventures they provide. There are numerous trail heads with parking through out the trail system , and several opportunities to venture into other nearby trails.

I hope I have given you fellow readers some new ideas to pursue your own personal running adventures if you are traveling in the Denver area. 

Sharing smiles and many miles!!

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