In Adventure Runs

Up and down, their legs do pound

As runners train on vertical ground.


The sweat pours out, the muscles strive

Hearts are beating, they feel alive!


Up they climb and never stop,

not until they reach the top.


Once they’re there, they just don’t care

until the lungs are filled with air.


At last the thrill to conquer the hill,

has overtaken the struggle of will.


Alas, the splendor of the view

with pride in completing the event now true.


Then, it’s time to start back down,

but not before bestowing the crown.


The feet begin to fly at will,

the heart and lungs join in the thrill.


It’s not long to reach the end

by which the trail seems to send,

a message to all runners far and wide

to “ try this hill and be surprised!!”


NOTE: A wonderful yet challenging hill run, affectionately called the hill of “ higher education “, is found on Austin Bluffs, along the UCCS campus. The accompanying photo shown here displays some nice views from that hill.

Sharing smiles and hilly miles!!


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