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This treasure of a trail system is located on the north side of C-470, close to Chatfield Resevoir. It runs through the Platte River Regional Park, on the east side of Sante Fe/ I-85. We went to the trail head south of Mineral Ave.

The trail includes a wide dirt path for runners and walkers, and parallels another paved path for bicyclists. As it meanders along the South Platte River for 16 miles, it passes by parks/ open space, a golf course, the Carson Nature Center, the Hudson Gardens, a small coffee shop for park patrons to grab a refreshment, and more.

The wild life runs abound.( and not just the runners! ) Especially the bird life near the river that was such a treat to see. On our run we saw Cormorants, Great Blue Herons, White Egrets, a variety of ducks, and hawks. There were several types of song birds, etc. but we’re unable to identify them…. yes, at one time I was an avid birder!

In addition, this trail links up to other trails such as the Highline canal ( note an earlier blog), and other regional trails including one that takes you to the park at Chatfield Resevoir.

Along the trail at various points, there are signs that show you where you are, and distances to various destinations. Personally, I love trails with signs that help you figure out where you are, and all the possibilities you have. It is evident that we will have to return a few more times to check them out!😁


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