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For runners who are visiting Colorado Springs for the first time, or new to the area, you should definitely check out the Monument Valley Trail. This remarkable multi use trail runs through the city , and extends for about 30 miles north and south. It offers a scenic route that parallels the Fountain Creek for the most part, and intersects with a few other trails that run east to west in Colo. Sprgs. such as the Cottonwood Creek trail ,the Sinton trail, or the Midland trail near America the Beautiful Park. The surface varies from dirt to cement, and is very wide to ensure easy passing.

If you are visiting Colorado Springs, there are several hotels that offer direct on foot access to the trail. On the north side of town, the Comfort Inn on Corporate Dr. might be an ideal choice. In the central aspect of the city, the Antlers Hotel, on Cascade may be a nice option and is quite a ritzy hotel too! If you plan to stay further south, the Hotel Elegante off S. Circle Dr. may be of interest, and trail access is about 3 blocks away.

Depending on where you are staying, you may run for several miles in either direction you chose. The Monument Valley Trail extends as far north as Greenland, just south of Larkspur. The scenery/views beyond the Air Force Academy and around Palmer Lake are beautiful. However, if your running adventure takes you south, the trail goes all the way to the Fountain Creek Regional Park, near Hwy 85, and Mesa Ridge Pkwy.

Which ever section of the trail you chose to explore, it will certainly provide an enjoyable run, as well as beautiful views to appreciate and soak in. The possibility for great adventure runs are endless here!

So check it out, tie up your shoes, and let the adventure begin!

Happy trails!


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