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This trail run was fabulous, and offered some spectacular views, and challenging hills that test you.

Starting at Portal Park on the west side of Union, off Hancock and north of Fillmore…..we took the paved pathway ( parallel to Austin Bluff Plwy) east towards Palmer Park Park. Then turning into the park and ran on a dirt road that goes UP! After huffing and puffing for about a mile, we turned west and ran on the dirt road through the dog park. The views are great and this hilly road ends in a large open area with a wonderful view of the city. A good spot to catch your breath and drink to water!

At that point we turned around and ran back, and the beauty of it is that it was pretty much down hill!!😁.

A good 7+mile run that upon completion is very satisfying. If you are up for the challenge of hills and moderate distance, then give it a try!…. It will give you bragging rights!

Sharing smiles and challenging miles!

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