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Amid a relatively busy part of town in Colorado Springs is a wonderful trail, that running, bicycling, and walking enthusiasts can enjoy. A trail known as The Rock Island Trail provides miles of pleasure for all who travel on it.

This trail is part of a national trail rejuvenation program known as “rails to trails”, in which old railroad tracks are converted into multi use trail systems. There are trail systems all over the country for public use. Simply google: “” and a website appears that lists and describes several of these trails.

The Rock Island Trail can be accessed at Weber St. just east of Nevada Ave. A convenient parking spot is at a Safeway shopping complex close by. At first you must go ~1/4 mile north on a trail ( known as Shooks Run… another great trail that runs south into central Colo. Sprgs., alas! another blog!), then a quick right turn to Rock Island Trail. The trail runs west/east for several miles from Weber St. to Powers. It is a gentle rolling paved path that is very wide, which makes it easy to pass other trail users.

So, as you travel around the country, and in search of some awesome running courses, look up “rails to trails” to let your running adventure begin!  🏃😊

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