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A grand cement trail that runs along the coast in Corpus Christi. A very wide trail that is relatively flat with some gentle hills. The path, for the most part runs adjacent to a bike lane on Shoreline Blvd. It is about 4-5miles in length. At one end is the Art and Event Center, and the other end takes you to Cole Park.

We ran along with other runners, walkers, bicyclists, and rental scooter riders ( which seems to be all the rage here).

The biggest challenge here was the heat and humidity ( it was~80 degrees and humidity ~70-80%). A sweaty run indeed, but being at sea level… the breathing was easy! Just remember, stay hydrated and pace yourself. Plus wear a hat or sweatband to keep sunscreen from dripping down your forehead and into your eye, as my poor husband experienced!😎

The views? Spectacular! A beachfront atmosphere will always inspire anyone.

Sharing fun in the Texas sun!



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