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On the northeast side of Colorado Springs is the Sand Creek Trail. This trail is about 3 miles in length that stretches from Barnes Rd north to Woodman, following the Sand Creek. This trail has a pretty good incline ( uphill heading north), and consists of both cement and dirt/gravel segments. Along the way there are several sidewalk paths that branch into neighborhoods close by.

A beautiful array of vegetation including scrub oak, wildflowers, cottonwood trees, and cattails grow throughout this riparian area. The wildlife was a treat to see as well, with rabbits, hawks, and redwing blackbirds flaunting their colors to claim their territory.

We started our run at Barnes Rd and Charollete, just past the Weidner baseball stadium. We ran heading north, yes uphill! Both cement and gravel footing gave us the feeling of both urban and trail running. Nonetheless it was a terrific experience and quite the workout!

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