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For those of you who are creative yet drawing challenged, try running to express your inner artist !👩‍🎨

If you have a strava app on your phone and usually run with it, check it out! Not only can you keep track of distance, speed, and location… this app also draws the course you ran, and outlines it as a mapped route.

Just imagine what you would like to draw, think about the run you could go on that would twist and turn to create a fun picture. Or just go for a run, look at the mapped course, and imagine what the outlined course looks like.

Another option while traveling, is to look up strava art for that city, and try to recreate the route in your own strava feed. You can then start you own collection.

I have provided some interesting examples of runs recorded on the strava art app.


Sharing smiles and creative miles!😊


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