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On this journey, we stayed at a Westin Resort & Spa in Henderson, NV, just outside Las Vegas. In preparation for a run, we went to the front desk to ask about running trails, and were given a small postcard size map that had 3 & 6 mile running courses that went around the Lake Las Vegas area.

Being that it was 92 degrees, we decided to attempt the 3 mile route and see how it felt. Well, being at much lower altitude, ( 2500ft VS 6000ft in CO), we felt great at first. But, in the second mile we hit some hills and began feeling the heat! We decided that was enough. However, we missed a turn and had to backtrack a bit. It ended up being a 4 mile run. Though less than we normally run, it was plenty!

The views of the lake were great, and the brick trail offered good footing. A nice rolling hill pathway, and minimal traffic. There is a lot of new development in the area, with lots of potential. Additionally, there are trails that hook up with routes that would take you to a State Park near Lake Meade and eventually the Hoover Dam.

It was  so hot ( record breaking temperatures of 114-118’), we ended up spending more fun in the fitness center. Note my next blog! So much for adventure runs outside, however we now have another reason to return to explore the trails we saw!!🌝


Sharing smiles and hot miles!

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