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While staying at the Element Hotel by Marriott ( note earlier blogs), we decided to try a trail that would connect along W-470, the Centennial Trail. We drove ~1 mile to the Lone Tree Recreation Center, and picked up a path called The Willow Creek Trail.

This trail quickly takes you out of the park, and into a pathway where we headed north towards highway 470. Underneath the highway, through some tunnels, and to a sharp left turn , it connects to the Centennial Trail.

Because there is so much construction taking place along 470, we opted to continue on the Willow Creek Trail. This path took us through green belts of various communities . A beautiful trek that meanders along Willow Creek and ultimately goes to Willow Creek Park.

The entire trail is very hilly, and is a mixture of cement, asphalt, and dirt, with several wooden bridges. It travels though neighborhoods, open spaces with creeks, and parks. There are several intersections that lead to other trails which lead to different neighborhoods (thankfully they had signs!). At times found ourselves running in circles 🤪, however we didn’t get lost and had fun with an adventurous spirit! We will have to return to figure out where all the other trails go!

Sharing smiles and new trail miles.


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