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The small fitness center at this hotel was basically a standard hotel room that was cleaned out, and a few pieces of exercise equipment were placed in there.There are 3 types of cardio exercise equipment by SOLE. A bike, treadmill and an elliptical. There is also a strength “dip and body wt. for resistance“ piece of equipment by Golds Gym. Here you could work your hip flexors, triceps, lats. with pull ups, serratus push ups, or do regular push ups. There was also a sports cord to use for multiple exercises for those who are familiar with using it.

However, this “ fitness center “ was quite a disappointment as most of the equipment was broken which included the treadmill and bike. Even the sport cord had a broken handle. In addition, there was no basket for the dirty towels… so they were piled on the floor. At least the elliptical worked, and we have enough exercise experience to figure out how to make it worth our while 😊

Afterwards, I informed the lady at the front desk about the problems with all the exercise equipment. She seemed surprised….?? Well, I hope it is resolved. I even mentioned that it is an important factor for us in choosing a hotel to stay at. Perhaps the hotel staff will take heed, and promptly fix the problems! I’m hopeful!😊

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