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So much potential for this disappointing fitness center. There is a Sports Art stat bike, a broken elliptical by Promaxima ( note the “temporarily out of order” sign,  which had been there who knows how long), a Maxima treadmill, two wt machines by Inflight Fitness, and free wts and a bench.

Never heard of these exercise equipment companies? Me neither!

Not enough equipment, not maintained, and broken. If it were me designing this fitness center, I would get two high end treadmills, two high end ellipticals, get rid of the single exercise wt equipment, and put in a multi exercise pulley system, (which takes up 1/2 the space, and allows for at least 20 different exercises). This would allow for a floor/ mat exercise area, plus I would make sure the equipment was maintained!!.

I must say the views out the windows were nice, especially since it is located on the 10 th floor. But not nearly as inviting as the board walk along Shoreline Blvd, where we had a nice run…. note the next Blog🤗

Sharing fitness center blues and enjoying the views .



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