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Raton is a small town on the north end of New Mexico. It is located just before Raton Pass on I-25, going north. Typically, it is a brief stop for travelers to get some gas and snacks for the road. However, in our case we stayed overnight at a Best Western Plus hotel. We were pleasantly surprised with all that the hotel provided , including a very nice fitness center, and indoors pool.

The fitness center was quite spacious with a good selection of exercise equipment. It had a treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike by True Fitness. There is also a multiple exercise unit, a Hoist 2200, for performing several types of strengthening exercises which includes rows, leg press, chest press, and a variety of exercises with it’s built in pulley system.

Additionally, the fitness center is on the 2nd floor that overlooks the indoor courtyard area, with a nice view of the indoor pool. The pool was also impressively large with lots of poolside furniture available.

Overall, this hotel was better than expected, and made our stay there very satisfying! We would definitely return there in the future.

Happy travels and future fitness fortunes!

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