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We took a transatlantic cruise from NYC to London with Norwegian Cruise Line. The ship we traveled on was the “Norwegian Breakaway”. The trip included 7 days at sea, then 4 stops at ports in Portugal, France, Ireland, and England. During the days at sea, the fitness center was a very popular place for the guests to visit.

The fitness center was fairly good size, but the exercise equipment was set very close together. In the cardio room there were 18 treadmills, 8 ellipticals, 7 bikes, a rower, stair master, and a hip climber. The weight room had free wts. and several strengthening machines. All exercise equipment was by TECHNOGYM.

On days the ship landed in ports, the fitness center was empty, and crowded on the days at sea, especially when the weather was bad. There was even a small outdoor running track, but it was not used much due to the weather. The cardio equipment had user friendly panels, and easy to adjust settings with a touch screen. There were TVs on each piece of equipment available, but they had poor reception. Hey, we were in the middle of the ocean! However, it was great to see the view out the large windows in the cardio area.

Take note runners who are balance challenged, you must be very careful when using the treadmills as the waves rock the boat. You may start out running flat, then suddenly go uphill, then downhill every few minutes, with out touching the settings!! I had to grab the side hand rails several times while running on them, and this kept me on my toes! Spinning and various conditioning classes were offered for those who prefer group workouts.

All in all, the fitness area was pretty nice, and provided some fun and challenging work outs!

Sharing smiles and seagoing miles!

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