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This was a a small but nicely maintained fitness room . It includes a stationary bike, an elliptical and two treadmills all by Matrix. Each piece of equipment has a personal TV on it. Also there are free wts and a wt bench, plus medicine balls and a fitness ball. We lucked out in that we were the only hotel guests in there, hence we could use the equipment with out having to wait.

One of the treadmill’s belt seems to slip when programmed to 6.7 mph, but if the incline was raised a bit, it worked perfectly! The display screens and buttons to program a workout , or control the TV, was easy enough to figure out. However you can’t enter your personal profile ( wt., age, etc), so the feed back you receive may be inaccurate, unless you weigh 150-160lbs, and are ~ 35 years old, which is usually the standard settings

“Ce La Vie”, hopefully by now you have enough experience to estimate how hard you are exercising to know if it’s worthwhile.

There is also an indoor pool in the hotel for those of you who like to take to the water 💧!!

Sharing smiles and fitness wiles!😊


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