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The fitness center and pool at the Roswell, Fairfield Inn is small but nice! It offers two Precor treadmills, an elliptical, plus free wts. and bench. Each piece of aerobic equipment had it’s own TV. It is small room, but there is enough space to move around. A water dispenser and towels are available too. There is also a small outdoors pool, however it was too cold to try out.

Though Roswell is known for a supposed alien vessel crashing there in 1947, there weren’t any sightings while we were there!👽

However, while exercising on the elliptical, I wondered, do aliens sweat during vigorous activity?….Well, I did!

So my friends, if ever you find yourself in south east NM in search of extraterrestrials… 9 out of 10 aliens would agree that the Fairfield Inn, in Roswell, is the place to work towards your “UFO”, ultimate fitness objective!

Sharing smiles and many miles across the galaxy!


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