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When traveling, you may want to get a good aerobic exercise work out that is similar to running, but with out the impact. Typically, I will exercise on an Elliptical, as this feels as if I am running on a cloud, and without the pounding on my joints. However, I recently discovered another exercise machine that offers a diversity of exercises that both strengthen and aerobically condition you.

The Adaptive Motion Trainer, AMT, is an exercise machine with both upper and lower extremity components. It allows you to perform long strides (as in cross country skiing or running fast), medium strides (as in jogging), or short stepping strides ( like the stair master), and you can choose any mode at any time of the work out by simply altering your stride length. Additionally, the arm piece allows you to swing your arms back and forth with the opposite leg, or remain still as you work out. This machine also provides several programs to pick for your work out, plus a lot of feedback such as distance, caloric expenditure, pace, time remaining, etc.

I find the AMT accommodating, for it lets you rest one set of muscles as another one is working, by changing your stride. However, make no mistake, it is also very challenging and can truly tire you out! I really appreciate the variety it offers!

I have only seen the AMT at Golds Gym, which is a national chain. So while you are traveling, and opting for a thorough, low/no impact work out… check it out!

Sharing smiles and many miles!

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