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The fitness center on the Riviera ship is filled with many different types of exercise equipment. The “toys” include:

9 treadmills, 3 ellipticals, 3 stat. bikes, 2 hip exercise machines  that allow lateral resistance ( think elliptical in which your legs push out to the side), 1 stair master and rowing machine. There is multiple strengthening exercise equipment too. All by TechnoGym

In another room is a spin  cycle studio with 10 bikes. This area also included 2 Kinesics Omega- equipment, which is a resistance pulley system to pull up/ down, and back and forth.

In addition there are 3 sets of free wts., swiss balls, sports cords, and mats.

For those fitness fanatics who prefer to take it out side… there is a walking running track on the top deck, and a pool with two hot tubs to enjoy as well.

Each piece of cardio equipment has it own TV screen, and every one has touch screen to set up your exercise workout, etc. the equipment all face the giant windows that look out at the views which are beautiful! However, the only downer was that there were 3 pieces of equipment that were out of order, and one of the two ellipticals working was very shaky. This made it difficult to find a cardio exercise machine to use during “rush hour” at the fitness center.

All in all it was a fun place to get your “ ya yahs”, out, and a good workout in!

Sharing smiles and sea going exercise styles!

From Carrie Graham

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