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Located at 1345 28th  St. in Boulder, CO,  the Millenium Harvest House is where we stayed to visit family and enjoy another adventure. This hotel’s fitness center is rather small, but has one of everything with regards to cardio exercise equipment. It includes a True treadmill, a Star Trac elliptical, a Cybex Arc Trainer, a spin cycle and two Life Fitness recumbent bikes. There are also free wts , a bench, and two flat screen TVs to entertain you while exercising. Though the room is small, it is adequate. The equipment is placed well, to allow  room to move around. The “toys” we used seemed to work fine, and the panels in front were user friendly so that you could chose the settings desired.

All in all, it was a decent fitness center, but the real treat in Boulder is the Boulder Creek Path… note the next blog!

Sharing smiles and fun exercise styles!

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