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Since I can’t be traveling all the time,…a good way to cross train, or workout when the weather is bad, can involve a home gym.

I’ve been running for 40 years, and the way I manage this is through cross training. This strategy allows some parts of your body to rest with out the pounding, while strengthening other parts of your body that help your running form i.e.- core, upper extremities,etc..

Typically, I run every other day, then “play” on the elliptical or the stair master on my non running days. I also use free wts for my upper body, as well as perform planks and other core strengthening exercises twice a week. I include hard days and light days. I stretch following every type of work out ( note the blog on stretches), and make it a point to do some form of exercise daily.

Our home gym includes some cardio equipment, plus a small collection of free wts, ankle wts, and a bench. No equipment is needed for my core strengthening routine. Alternative forms of non running activities may include walking, using your own body wt for resistance with strengthening exercises ( think push ups or squats), using therabands, or having access to a nearby gym.

This routine has worked well for me, but no matter what your strategy is, try to mix cardio and strengthening exercise in your program.

Sharing work out styles and home gym smiles!


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