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We have all been there, one minute you’re going along on a run feeling great, and the next instant you’re agonizing over a sharp stinging feeling in your leg…..That is what happened to my husband about two weeks ago.

As we were enjoying our run on the Sante Fe Trail, north of Woodmen Rd., my husband made a brief stop. He dropped his glove, and when he went to pick it up…it happened. He felt a twinge, took a few running strides, then abruptly stopped as he felt a severe sting. He grabbed his calf, but it was too late, the damage was done.

At this point, it was clear that he had strained or had a minor tear to his achilles tendon and/ or lateral gastroc. muscle. We then slowly walked, or I should say he limped ~2 1/2 mile back to the car. When we got home, he began the injury protocol of ice and Ibuprofen ( being a PTA, I immediately began instructing him on how to help healing… but of course!! It’s what we do! 😊)

Since then, he has been diligently exercising (no impact, low resistance aerobic exercise intended to provide the tissue with an abundant supply of fresh blood with oxygen and nutrients) followed by gently stretching. He also endures my occasional massage to his leg. So far, so good! His calf is feeling much better, and he will soon be back on the trails!

We have all been there, a small twinge, followed by excruciating pain(as if stabbed by a knife).

But, take heart my friends, if you take proper care of this type of injury, you will get back on track in no time. However, some advice… don’t ignore the importance of regular stretching before and after a run…. note my last blog!

Sharing smiles and healthy miles!


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