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Whether you are recovering from an injury, revamping your conditioning program, or simply mixing up your exercises to prevent burnout,…. cross training is the key! This can be achieved by changing the order of exercises you perform, or trying out new exercise equipment in the gym you belong to. I do both!😁

On this particular day, I warmed up on the elliptical for ~1/2 hr. Then tried out the Cybex Arc Trainer for 15 min., and ended my workout using The Stair Mill by StairMaster. Yes, a thorough exercise session that taxed my entire body, and challenged my mind to figure out how to use new equipment. Whew! I was exhausted when I finished!

There was a steep learning curve to setting the program up on the Cybex Arc Trainer. Plus, the touch screen was rather stubborn when choosing the numbers needed to register my “ profile” ( information on age, weight, and level of intensity preferred to give you accurate feedback while exercising) before the exercise would begin. Hence, the “set up” challenge was in place, but after ~ 5 min. I was successful!

The Stair Mill was much easier to set up your “profile” and exercise program on. The challenge here was to lift up your toes with each step, to prevent tripping. Hah! A challenge in one’s reflexes and coordination skill set.

The experience was quite satisfying in stoking my interest, in the variety of exercise possibilities, and breaking up the routine to provide a fresh new workout. I will certainly change up my routine more often, and keep that exercise spark alive!

Sharing smiles and cross training styles!


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