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Stretching before and after a run is a good rule of thumb to prevent running injuries. Before a run, walk around or jog easy for 1 or 2 min to warm up the muscles….as this makes tissue more receptive to stretching. Following a run, cool down a bit and stretch. Hold each stretch for 20-30 sec., and perform each one 2-3 times.

The four stretches I always perform include:

Calf stretch

Quad stretch

Hamstring stretch

Hip flexor stretch

If I run at home or at a fitness center, I use the stairs or a wt. bench to do my stretches. If out on an adventure run, I may open the car door and prop my legs on the car floor to help position myself to stretch. One may also use a nearby tree, fence, or even the curb on the side of the road.

What ever method you choose, just don’t forget!

Sharing smiles and stretching styles!🤗


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