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Often I hear how people pile on the pounds when on a cruise, and this may be due to never ending buffet, multiple drinks, and lounging around. This “problem” is easily preventable! The fitness center is open all day (note the blog on Oceania’s Fitness Center) However there are some who want other options. Here are a few tips to stay in shape when traveling by sea.:

  1. Always take the stairs, and take a pass on the elevators. Not only will you add in several steps/ day….. you will also save time waiting for an elevator.
  2. Explore the ship as it may have boutique shops, art galleries, or other interesting areas to explore.
  3. Outside of the fitness center, there are other activities on the ships to try such as shuffle board, croquet, golf on a putting green, walk around the top deck to enjoy the sights and photograph a few, or take a dip in the pool.
  4. If you want to engage in less physical activities, try your luck at playing bingo, trivia pursuit contests, or hit the casino.
  5. Best of all, get off the boat when stopping at a port. There are several excursions offered, with some that have very physical activities included and others that are quite low key. If the tours don’t interest you, it is great fun to walk around town and explore the town the boat ports in.

Bottom line, enjoy where you are and what you are doing, and not just what you consume.

Sharing activity styles and traveling smiles.!

From Carrie Graham

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