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I’ve always prided myself in running mid to long distance ( 6-8-10 miles on avg.), at a 9-10 minute pace for the past 40 years. However, as I age and deal with various injuries, etc., my pace has been slowing down a bit.

At first it bothered me, but then I came to the realization that I am getting a little bit older.( better late than never! Right?🥴) My priorities in running have changed. I’m not so focused on being fast, but rather enjoying the experience of the run. I now think about the why, where, and who I am with, on my run.

Why? I run because I love the adventure and how it makes me feel, both physically and mentally . The exhilaration of feeling my muscles working, my heart pounding, and breathing in the fresh air. I love seeing so many interesting and beautiful views that I would never get the chance to appreciate otherwise.

Where? I revel in seeing and experiencing an adventure in an area I would never explore if I didn’t go out for a run. Most trails or running paths I’ve encountered during our travels, I would pass up if it wasn’t for the desire to go for a run. So far some of the most memorable things I’ve seen are from these runs. ie fabulous wildlife and extraordinary views

Who I’m with? Even though running can provide solitude and tranquility  when running alone,…many of my best moments have included sharing it with someone close to me. This means so much with respect to the quality of life!

So for all of you who struggle with speed or your pace,….relax,…. think about why you run, where you are running, and who you are sharing it with….. think quality, not so much of the egotistical aspect.

Sharing smiles and memorable miles!!!


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