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Whether you are on a road trip, or on a lengthy vacation, planning for your runs and workouts requires a good strategy, so that you are not burdened by days of stinky clothes. Here are some tips to help make it little to no hassle.

First of all, pack all essential gear you need, and plastic bags to put you shoes in to protect your clothes. I usually pack two days of work out clothes.

Next, I will take a small bottle of liquid soap(shampoo or dish soap can even work!). Since most athletic clothes are made of quick drying material, it is easy to quickly hand wash and hang them to dry.

Now, if you have a traveling/camping clothes line gizmo, by all means, bring it along! These can be found at camping stores or stores for outdoor sports such as REI. Some hotels have convenient clothes lined in their showers. Otherwise, use a hanger and hang your clothing to dry.

With this strategy, you will always have fresh clean clothes to run or exercise in each day, fewer clothes to pack, and no sweaty/stinky clothes to carry around with you as you travel.

However, you’re on your own for your other clothes 😟

Well my friends, hope this helps!

Happy travels!

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