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Often someone approaches me and asks me if I am a “runner”, and I usually answer” yes, I love to run”. When I ask them if they run, occasionally their reply is “no, running is bad for your knees”, or “ no, I think running is boring”. Well, ‘au contraire mon frere ‘ , first of all there are numerous studies that conclude that running enhances the health of the cartilage in knees, strengthens the musculature surrounding the joints, and weight bearing exercise increases bone density. There are many more benefits, but enough said on the matter.

As far as being “boring”,….well, this is what running does for me:

As I begin my run, immediately there is a feeling of pat, pat, pat as my feet hit the trail. My arms and legs swing rhythmically, like a pendulum, as I settle into my pace. My heart quickens it’s beat, and I feel the circulation pulsing through my body. My breathing picks up, and lungs expand, as I enjoy deeply inhaling the fresh air. As my body heats up, I begin to sweat which allows me to stay cool while the breeze sweeps over my skin. I take in all the sounds around me, birds chirping, the quaking of leaves from nearby trees, planes soaring overhead, or other people talking and laughing as they enjoy the trail. The various sights along the way keep me amused. I take notice and appreciate the scenery of the forever changing landscape as I gain distance. The magnificent beauty of the mountainous views before me lifts my spirits and fuels me for the miles ahead. My mind may focus on the surroundings, fix pending problems I’ve been concerned about, wander to create new ideas for me to act on in the future, or simply feel grateful to be experiencing this moment. Upon the end of my journey, I feel exhilarated as the endorphins pulse in my body. I take in a sense of fulfillment as I reminisce on the mini vacation/ adventure I just had, and bask in the feeling of accomplishment in completing the run.

So there you have it! How can that be boring? If in doubt non runners, I suggest you give it a try!

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