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You’ve probably noticed the variety of colors and styles in running shoes. Before this color revolution occurred, shoes were more conservative, being typically white or black, and trimmed with various colors for accent. Some of us like this new colorful trend, others not so much.

A few years ago, I went to a local shoe store to get a specific model and size of shoes. The employee helping me went into the back of the back of the store, and brought out a pair. The shoes were bright yellow with green accents. He apologized to me saying, “Sorry about the color, but it is the last pair we have.” I responded, “I love them! The color is great!” He then smiled and said,”Boy! I wish more customers were like you!”

I like this colorful trend! For one reason, it makes us more noticed by drivers on the road which adds to our safety. Additionally, I also appreciate the the spirit the colors provide. Running should be fun; a celebration of a fantastic/fabulous activity, and what a great way to express enjoyment in this to all onlookers.

So my friends, wear your colors in the spirit of running, and share your enthusiasm! Happy Trails!

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