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Often I am asked , ” what is the best type of running shoe?” My answer is , “it depends”.

Shoes come in so many shapes and sizes, and one must try on a few  before deciding. You must know if you need a shoe for stability, shock absorption, or for trail/ road running.  Do you have high arches? Do you have wide or narrow feet? There are several brands, of which have various models to accommodate your needs. You should try on a few types, and run around for a few minutes in them before purchasing. Also, know the stores return policy, in case the shoes just don’t work for you.

I have personally changed from running in Mizunos, ” Wave Precisions”, to Hoka shoes either “Clifton 3” or  “Stinson 3 ” . The  reason is because after decades of running 6-8 miles , 3-4 times / week, my hips and calves need more cushioning while running. Hokas were the solution for me. They have the shock absorption I need, as I pack the miles.

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